The children’s competitions held at the UB City amphitheatre comprised of a debate, quiz and art competition.

This 3-day programme in August had children from over 12 schools participate in events that raised awareness about the environment, ecological crises and the conservation of wildlife in our country.


The events were an unqualified success, and the students, a happy lot.


The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. They are our future leaders, role models, innovators, and conservationists. We at RoundGlass Samsara are here to provoke thoughts and ideas, planting seeds of conservation and environmental consciousness in these young minds, taking a step forward to building a better planet.


The importance of addressing opposing views encourages the understanding and awareness of issues in the world. The Children’s Debate Competition that was held at the UB City Amphitheatre on the 9th of August, 2017, allowed the back and forth of ideas in an environment that nurtured the children of tomorrow to discuss and contest the important issues of today.

Topics for debate were:

Is Progress Coming In The Way of Our Environment?
Climate Change- Human Induced or an Elaborate Hoax?
Are Zoos Cruel or Necessary for Education?

With children, participating from 12 schools across the city, sharing their views with great conviction, the RoundGlass Samsara Debate Competition was a grand success.




1st. Nirupama Ganesh – Army Public School – Class 11
2nd. Ishani Chakrabarty – Bishop Cotton Girls’ School – Class 12
3rd. Raghav Joshi – National Centre of Excellence – Class 11


Enabling greater learning and motivational impetus, quizzes are unique learning experiences for children. Held at the UB City Amphitheatre, the Children’s Quiz Competition on the 10th of August showcased the knowledge and awareness of children in a quiz format, providing a fair playing ground in an academic atmosphere. The quiz placed importance on a real-world perspective, instead of only theory-based learning, and made sure that students learned from each other while they competed simultaneously.
The participants’ enthusiasm and competitive spirits were on full display, and made for an entertaining and informative morning.




  • Aaditya Kannan, PSBB LLA – Class 10
  • Aniruddha Mondal, PSBB LLA – Class 9
  • Abhinav Vasudevan, PSBB LLA – Class 10




  • Jayasri Sridhar, Army Public School – Class 11
  • Sabhya Khurana, Army Public School – Class 8
  • Ashima Acharya, Army Public School – Class 11




  • Rohith Paul,St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School – Class 10
  • Chanakya M, St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School – Class 9
  • Dhruv Ravi,St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School – Class 9


Artists like Banksy and Kuczynski effortlessly bring a spectator’s attention to the issues of everyday life through their works. An important and thought-provoking pedestal for an artistic journey, art competitions help participants reflect upon their work. Various ideas for art unify thoughts, individuals and what they stand for, to consider their work as a whole, and bring awareness to the topic at hand. Considering an outside perspective to their innermost thoughts, the RoundGlass Samsara Art Competition, held at the UB City amphitheatre on the 11th of August, 2017, enabled the young artists to showcase their best work.
The astounding range of thoughts that were beautifully portrayed, made the event a joyful one.

Topics for painting were:

Nature and Landscapes
The Forest
“Let’s Make This World a Better Place”
Humans and the Natural World (Co-Existence)
Life Underwater




1st. Brishti Kundu – DPS Whitefield, Class 9
2nd. Gowri Kolal – Army Public School, Class 11
2nd.Ardra AH – National Centre for Excellence, Class 9
3rd. Puja Das – Army Public School, Class 12




1st. Parashuram – Parikrma , Jayanagar. Class 8
2nd. Archisha Chanda – NCFE, Class 8
2nd. Siya Jacob – VidyaShilp Academy, Class 8
3rd. Fariha Shiraz – DPS Whitefield, Class 8


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