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Bhushan Bagadia

Bhushan is an underwater photographer, DOP, sports photographer, filmmaker, cinematographer and an avid traveler. He is a certified and seasoned diver and has explored the depths of many a seas in the course of his work. His photography reflects his passion not just for his art, but also for the environment around him.

Bhushan Bagadia

Bhushan is an underwater photographer, DOP, sports photographer, filmmaker, cinematographer and an avid traveler. He is a certified and seasoned diver and has explored the depths of many a seas in the course of his work. His photography reflects his passion not just for his art, but also for the environment around him.



Amoghvarsha is an award-winning photographer, film-maker and story-teller from Bangalore. A naturalist with a technology background, he ably makes use of new media to spread the message of conservation. His travels worldwide have produced some truly breathtaking and tremendously impactful films and images. He has photographed the thick evergreens of Arunachal and the barren landscapes of Ladakh in India, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the vast plains of Africa.


Pooja Gupta

Pooja is a visual artist who brings thoughts, concepts and stories to life. An expert in the field of science communication, she collaborates with field biologists, educators, conservation organizations and filmmakers. She immerses herself in the act of drawing to understand the subject better, a fact helped by her ability to isolate the subject from its surroundings.


Tasneem Khan

Tasneem is a biologist, educator, photographer, diver and sailor with a fascination for the natural world. Both her formal training in Zoology and experience in the field of ecology have led to a deep, abiding interest in the value of extended observation and perspective. Tasneem is happiest underwater or with her feet submerged in a swamp.


Umeed Mistry

Umeed is a certified (PADI) diving instructor, underwater photographer, cameraman, writer and educator. His work regularly appears in International publications such as Saevus, Scuba Diver, AustralAsia, Outlook Traveler and NatGeo Traveler. A winner of Better Photography Photographer Award 2007, he works on creating awareness and interest in freshwater and marine eco-systems


Sairam Sagiraju

A filmmaker best known for his music videos for the Grammy winning album Winds of Samsara, Sairam also dabbles with VR filmmaking. His work on environment and wildlife is an extension of his beliefs that have roots in his formative years in rural India. His passion for nature has led him to make films that are both visually breathtaking and educational at the same time.

Gopinath Subbanna

Gopinath Subbanna

Gopinath Subbanna graduated in sculpture from Chitrakala Parishath in 2005. He has exhibited his work in over a 100 shows. He has held several solo shows and participated in group shows, both within the country and internationally. He has been awarded many scholarships through his career and is also a recipient of many awards for his outstanding work in the field.

Harisha Chennangod-min

Harisha Chennangod

Harisha Chennangod, at the age of 31, has already carved name for himself in the Indian art world. He relates his practice to small efforts put up by the individual to relate to the local and global context today. He works with minimal materials and mediums, mainly paintings. He also experiments with video, performance, installations and more to stretch the boundaries of his initial mediums by creating a mix. Harish’s work has been a part of many shows across India and is also found in Paris and London.

Kazi Nasir

Kazi Nasir

Kazi Nasir graduated in painting from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 1993. He participated in four solo exhibitions including two in Germany. He was awarded in AIFACS, All India exhibition, Delhi. His works can be seen at several corporate houses and some private collectors in India and abroad. With a detailed, surrealistic composition, Kazi amalgamates an effective vocabulary that might lead to a trail encompassing fragments of reality. Images that could have been taken from illustrated dictionaries are arranged to emphasize their disparities in the meticulously painted works of the artist.

Milind Nayak

Milind Nayak

Milind Nayak, over the last fifteen years, has established himself as one of the finest artists in the country. His works adorn the homes of collectors in India, England, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore and USA. He is also represented in major corporate collections. Milind, having held over thirty-five solo shows is a self-taught painter, has worked in several disciplines like photography and digital art. As a prolific artist, he works with different media like oils, watercolours, pastels and graphite. Milind’s paintings are variously described by critics as “…raw impulsive release of creativity” and “a succession of lyrical and evocative paintings with a natural flow of colours”.

Sachin Deo-min

Sachin Deo

Sachin Deo, a graduate of Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore, has participated in several prestigious exhibitions and held solo shows since 2002. He won acclaim at the “Reflection of Soul” exhibition at Fish Slab Gallery in Whistable, England, in 2003. His work has also been appreciated at such prestigious galleries as Vadehra, Cymroza, Tao, Jehangir, Threshold Gallery and Religare Arts in Delhi. Sachin’s art journey is a voyage of self-discovery to give form to the formless and expression to the inexpressible. In this quest, he makes telling use of both his intuition and imagination.

Satish Bhaisare-min

Satish Bhaisare

Satish Bhaisare hails from Harda, Madhya Pradesh, and has attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Government Institute of Fine Arts in Indore. As a famous Indian artist, Satish Bhaisare has held solo shows across the country. He has exhibited at Apparao Art Gallery, Deolalikar Kala Vithika, and Alliance Francaise to name a few. He has also participated in several group shows, even internationally.

Srikala Gangi Reddy-min

Srikala Gangi Reddy

Srikala Gangi Reddy, a renowned artist with several shows to her credit believes that art gives her the ability to see the world through a different lens. She draws inspirations from many sources and tends to start her paintings with a colour idea that evolves into compositions later. For her, every canvas is a new beginning and every brush stroke a new possibility. Her current work is rendered in charcoal, acrylic, and oils, and it captures the desire for perfection of an Indian classical dancer. It is an ode to sublime aesthetic and appreciation of the human body in moments of sheer grace, structured movement, cultivated expression, and divine harmony.

Pavithra Chowdappa

Pavithra Chowdappa

Pavithra Chowdappa is a visual artist from Bangalore to whom Art has always been a constant. But the paradigm shift in her approach towards Art took place when she moved to Florence, Italy, to pursue her studies in Interior Architecture and Design. Surrounded by old master paintings and pristine landscapes, she faced unrelenting inspiration from every frame of sight. She is currently the Art-lead at Graviky Labs, which has provided her the right platform to experiment with different mediums and bridge the gap between Art and Science.

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